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Guide to Hog Ties

hogtieSex is all about creativity. There’s nothing wrong with finding the hot and sexy things you like and enjoying them as often as you want, but there is also something entirely delicious about exploring new sexy things - especially when you’re getting a little kinky!

BDSM and bondage is a wonderland of amazing sensations and exploration. It is also amazing for the opportunity to challenge yourself and your partner, to attempt new things and fulfill fantasies.

If you or your partner have a desire to explore the world of bondage and have already tried some of the more introductory methods, then you could be ready for a new challenge with hog ties.

What are hog ties?

They may not have the most appealing name in the world, and unfortunately, it might actually turn people off from using them. However, hog ties are a fantastic addition to your pleasure chest if you are into bondage.

A hog tie collects and attaches the different clasps from wrist and ankle cuffs (and possibly more) into one central spot, bringing your limbs together in a tight bind.

Hog ties can be used in any configuration you can bend into: in the front, behind the back, down low, up high. They are a wonderfully versatile device that can add new dimensions of pleasure to your play.

Why should I use a hog tie?

Bondage play can incorporate many different things. Some people want the bound person to be accessible and to still have motion. Others want the person they are binding to be truly restricted. Hog ties fall into the latter. They are for the people who want to be limited in their ability to move. Hog ties will still allow some motion, but you will be at the mercy of your dominant.

An iconic image

The visual of a hog-tied person is one you will not be able to forget. If the person is seated, with their hands and feet bound together in front of them, they transmit emotions of shame and humiliation. Or, if they are laying on their belly, hands and feet bound together behind their back, they look so clearly as if they have been captured - and are ready to be owned. When you use one on a person, you might get a bit lost in the visual before you lose yourself on them.

Taking bondage to the next step

If you’ve already tied your sexy lover to the bedposts and other furniture around the house, a hog tie offers a new and unique experience. Using a hog tie will test your sub’s physical limits, either through stretching or possibly through endurance. Try the hands and feet behind the back pose. This could be hard to hold for a long time, but while your sub is tied up like this, you can touch their body in sexy ways. Or maybe you want to dominate a little more and have them please you orally at the same time. So many possibilities!

What are hog ties made from?

Hog ties need to be made from strong materials because they could, in some instances, be holding significant pressure for a period of time. Most hog ties you find will be a combination of leather and steel, though some do swap the leather out for strong, sturdy cotton.

woman hogtied

How can hog ties be used?

A key consideration when using hog ties is your sub’s ability to endure potential discomfort. When placed in a specific pose, the person being hog-tied might be there for some time, with no ability to stretch or shift. So, it is imperative that the top listens for the bottom’s safeword if they need to be let out of the hog tie.

To get used to using the hog tie, it is recommended you try binding hands and feet in the front, at first. Hog ties are built with sturdy, secure and easy-to-use clasps that ensure the connected cuffs stay in place. Try having your sub sit and connect all of the cuffs to the hog tie. Get used to the restricted feeling. This pose will bunch the muscles up. Once you get the feeling for that, try laying the sub on their belly and then binding the feet and wrists. You can also use leads if your sub is not flexible enough to bring all four together. This position will stretch the muscles. Two very different sensations!

One great thing to remember about using hog ties is aftercare. The sub should take a warm shower or bath to help their muscles return to normal feeling. Or, the top could consider a massage. But that depends on your relationship dynamics.

How can I buy hog ties?

Hog ties allow for exciting new experiences and sensations. If you would like to purchase your own to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our hog ties category: Buy Hog Ties.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a hog tie is right for you and need a little assistance? Don't fear, help is near! Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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