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Guide to Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

wrist cuffsThere’s always something to be said for being versatile. You’re always at the ready, you can fit into any situation and you can adapt as needed. People who have these qualities can make life easier for themselves and everybody around them. It is great to have them around!

As the world of sex and stimulation widens and grows, we’re discovering the need and desirability of sex toys that can fit that definition too. Sure, it is great to have sex toys that serve a specific purpose, but it is also helpful to have products that can be adapted to new, sexy situations as well. As you explore the world of BDSM and bondage, you will discover that wrist and ankle cuffs are the versatile sexy friend that everybody needs.

What are wrist and ankle cuffs?

The two main parts of the body that people like to bind are the wrists and the ankles. These cuffs are specifically designed to fit either the wrist or ankle. Typically, our ankles are a bit thicker than our wrists, but depending on the set you buy and who you are playing with, the cuffs might be interchangeable. Many types of wrist and ankle cuffs have buckles to do up, or even velcro. Some simply slip on and others are made of rope. These restraints can also be mixed and matched to create larger restraints for other parts of the body.

Are wrist and ankle cuffs versatile?

wrist cuffsOne of the great features of wrist and ankle cuffs is how adaptable they are to many different types of bondage. You can have your partner spread eagle on a bed with the restraints leading to the four bed posts. You can also bend your partner into a tiny pretzel to subject them to super sexy pain or humiliation.

Wrist and ankle cuffs are intended to be comfortable, so you do not have to worry (though always be aware) so much about your partner’s well-being. And them being so versatile means you can emulate some neat bondage tricks you’ve seen or invent sexy new scenarios of your own!

Can wrist and ankle cuffs be used in different positions?

A great type of bondage scene is power dynamics play. The top loves to keep the bottom down and the bottom might find it hot to fight back against the top. Wrist and ankle cuffs make this possible from many different positions. On a bed, against a wall, strapped to a chair and so many more. The top can tease the bottom in every manner possible, and, if desired, move them from place to place. Wrist and ankle cuffs make the bottom easily positionable.

What are wrist and ankle cuffs made of?

Considering how versatile they are to use, wrist and ankle cuffs are also made from a variety of different materials. The outer part of the cuffs can be anything from leather to rope to fur to silicone and more! Some cuffs also feature padding and other soft materials on the interior side. This cushions the wrist and ankle and makes the cuff more stable and less prone to sliding around. Some cuffs are fastened with buckles, but another popular security is velco.

ankle cuffs

How can I use wrist and ankle cuffs?

Not only do wrist and ankle cuffs have many different uses, they are also super easy to use! With other type of restraint devices, you may need to focus more attention on ensuring the comfort of the person being bound. Because wrist and ankle cuffs are fairly form-fitting, they are less hassle than other cuffs. It is, however, important to be using wrist and ankle cuffs that fit properly. The best the fit, the best the results.

Once you find the best feeling wrist and ankle cuffs you can, you can do so many different things with that person who is cuffed. You can bind them to things, or bind them to themselves! You can even attach them to you! The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you’ve got a safeword established beforehand.

How can I buy wrist and ankle cuffs?

Wrist and ankle cuffs are the perfect restraining tool for any sexy situation. If you would like to purchase your own to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our wrist and ankle cuffs category: Buy Wrist & Ankle Cuffs.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if wrist and ankle cuffs are right for you and need a little assistance? Don't fear, help is near! Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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