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Guide to Fluffy Cuffs

fluffy cuffsThere are plenty of joke sex gifts that have become staples of Buck’s and Hen’s nights. You’ve got your inflatable sex dolls, your pink and sparkly crops and fluffy handcuffs surely make the list. And while other gag gifts could, potentially, also provide some sexytime thrills, you just might find that fluffy cuffs are the ones that will provide the most dual reward.

Now, this sentiment might not have been the case before BDSM exploded in popularity. Before we started to learn the amazing potential of pain and service, the idea of binding someone in restraints was largely left to those on the sexual fringe. But nowadays, everybody is learning more and exploring more and fluffy cuffs are a great introduction to bondage.

What are fluffy cuffs?

Fluffy cuffs are, essentially, a great sexual hack. Sure, handcuffs themselves are great for sexy bondage fun, but they can be a little harsh on the wrists. And since most people play with a set of handcuffs at some point in their childhood, that hard metal feel can linger in the memory and make folks reticent in trying them again later in life.

So, to avoid the potential and unintended pain of handcuffs, the simple solution of a soft, fluffy sheath was added and a brand new way to experiment was born. Fluffy cuffs combine the erotic potential of restraint with the tenderness of learning.

Why should I use fluffy cuffs?

There are two great reasons to use fluffy cuffs instead of regular handcuffs. First, they are a great entrance into bondage and restraint. If you or your partner are curious about bondage, but unsure about your tolerance for pain while bound, fluffy cuffs offer the opportunity to try this new sensation out while greatly diminishing the chances your wrists will hurt at the end of your scene.

The second reason is if you are already experiencing pain or irritation in your wrists or the skin surrounding them, fluffy cuffs will be pain and irritation free. Hard metal will do you no favours, making fluffy cuffs an ideal choice.

Do fluffy cuffs contrast soft and hard?

Sex of all types is often made much more exciting by embracing contrast. It could be sensation, material or even non-physical like attitude. One of the most appealing aspects of fluffy cuffs is the fact that they do combine two very opposing materials. The hard quality of handcuffs serve the purpose of restraint. It also establishes a clear dominance in the relationship. The softness, on the other hand, speaks to comfort and trust. These qualities are essential in sex, and particularly in BDSM. Your relationship to and understanding of the toys you use is key.

Are fluffy cuffs ideal for beginners?

Talking about our sexual needs is sometimes a challenging thing. Some people are really shy when it comes to sex! It is also sometimes frightening to reveal yourself to your partner in a way that indicates your fear of being physically hurt. Nobody likes to admit weakness. But when you tell your partner you want to try something like bondage, it is important to put your trepidation out there. Those new to restraint will find fluffy cuffs a great way to broach the subject of desiring bondage, but it will also allow for the fears of hurt to be expressed. Really, fluffy cuffs are great for newbies - as well as advanced players, of course.

woman wearing fluffy cuffs

How can I use fluffy cuffs?

Any time you use restraint devices, it is important for you and your partner to discuss your boundaries and establish a safeword should your binds need to be removed quickly. You will also need to remember to check in with your partner throughout the experience. Or, if you’re the one being cuffed, to offer up any discomfort you are feeling. You might just need a change in position, or you might need to stop the scene. Communication is key! Once that has all been determined and you’re ready for fun, you can decide how you or your partner wants to be cuffed!

Two popular ways to use fluffy cuffs are directly binding someone or binding them to a bed. You can decide to keep your bondage simple by placing your partner directly in the cuffs, either in front of them or behind their back. This is a particularly hot scenario if you like that person to kneel in front of you. The fluffy cuffs should keep their wrists safe.

Another way to enjoy fluffy cuffs is to attach your partner to your bed’s headboard. You can keep them still while all kinds of other sexy things can happen to other parts of the body. Because you’re using the comfortable cuff, your partner’s hands can either rest or resist the restraint. And another unintended but useful by-product of this ingenious hack is that the fluffy parts will help protect your headboard!

How can I buy fluffy cuffs?

Fluffy cuffs are a comfortable restraining tool that's perfect for any sexy situation. If you would like to purchase your own to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our fluffy cuffs category: Buy Fluffy Cuffs.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if fluffy cuffs are right for you and need a little assistance? Don't fear, help is near! Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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