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Guide to Discreet Clitoral Toys

How, why and when we talk about our sex lives is as individual as fingerprints. Just because we might be having sex of some sort doesn’t mean we’re comfortable talking about that sex to just anyone. Some people are more private than others and would prefer to keep their sensual habits all to themselves.

And that is okay! Just as okay as other folks who will happily discuss their bedroom shenanigans and share information. These people will tell you all about their collection of sex toys, how they use them, which are their favourites and provide recommendations. But there are still the others who choose to remain quiet and just soak this information in. And for those folks, they’ll probably get most intrigued when hearing about discreet clitoral toys.


What are discreet clitoral toys?

We are living in a pretty great time when it comes to sex. Sure, there are still advances to be made and battles to be won to ensure everybody is able to enjoy the type of sex life they desire. But so much has happened and changed in the past few decades that we now enjoy a number of sexual freedoms that had been repressed for generations before us.

Not only can we enjoy these freedoms, but we can now celebrate sex in ways that were once shunned. Right now, you’re on a premium sexual product website, shopping and learning about many different aspects of sexuality. And really, if you told people this is how you spent your evening, would many be all that surprised? Okay, maybe don't tell Auntie Bertha and Uncle Joe. They’re not quite there yet. But you don’t really know that, maybe they're just discreet about it.

Ah, discretion, still an important part of everyone’s sexual identity. Sure, you might be happy shopping for and using a wide array of sex toys, but do you really want others to know? Auntie Bertha might have a huge pleasure chest - and that’s great for her! But it is also great that she maintains her comfort level by keeping her toys discreet.

For those who are so inclined, those who might not be interested in letting their sex flag fly for all to see, there are many different discreet clitoral toys available for your needs. Discreet clitoral vibrators come in many different shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Some even come camouflaged as something else entirely so they can hide in plain sight. Others just look like generic shapes and could easily be mistaken for paperweights!


What type of discreet clitoral toy is right for me?

Most discreet clitoral toys are fairly small and portable. It would be pretty hard to explain a discreet clitoral vibrator the size of a wand massager! But if you kept something the size and shape of a lipstick in your bag, on your nightstand or even at your desk, anybody who sees it isn’t likely to raise an eyebrow. And don’t worry: even though these toys are small, they still pack tremendous pleasure power for you.


How discreet are they?

Whether anybody actually knows if you have a discreet clitoral toy with you will depend on you! If you pull it out and use it, well, yeah, they’re going to know. If your bag falls open and the contents spill all over, including your vibrator, it is unlikely anyone will even realize. Most discreet vibrators are specifically designed to avoid typical sex toy shapes including penis and classic vibrator looks. Instead, they more resemble items a woman might carry such as make-up or small little objects or trinkets. If someone does recognize your discreet vibe, chances are they too use one regularly and a conspiratorial wink and nod between the two of you is in order.


How can I use a discreet clitoral toy?

Discreet clitoral toys are just like any other vibrator: get them near your sensitive parts and enjoy the ride! Because of their smaller size, some have a quieter - though no less powerful - vibration which can be perfect for those who live in close quarters with other people. If you are a student living in a dorm or other housing with others, a discreet vibrator will go a long way to helping you relax during stressful times without having to worry about your flatmates finding your toy. It is even possible to enjoy a discreet clitoral toy without your partner knowing, saving it for your own self pleasure. However, because most of these toys are small, they are also a fantastic addition to enjoy with others. It is quite easy to slip the toy down between the two of you during intercourse to enhance and expand your sexual pleasures.


How can I buy discreet clitoral toys?

If you want to enjoy new and exciting pleasures in the bedroom, and be discreet about it, discreet clitoral toys are the perfect choice. Just head on over to our category: Buy Discreet Clitoral Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if discreet clitoral toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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