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Articles Tagged With Domination

Sexy Slams: The World of Erotic Wrestling
The bright lights shine down on the ring. Two hulking behemoths circle each other, muscles rippling, sweat dripping off their bodies. They snarl, point accusing fingers, hurl threats. The two combatants are poised for the most physical challenge of their lives. Flex, pant, scream! And finally the bell rings and they run at each other. Two masses of...
BDSM Contracts - Sign Before The Cuffs Go On
It really seems like sex should be the most simple of life’s pleasures. It should be something delightful and easy, something that you and whomever you choose to play with enter into with care and consideration because you’re both trying to have a great and sexy time. But, as with most things in life, sex is almost never that simple because ...


Submit, Watching, Lust: Introduction to Cuckolding
If you were to take a guess as to the most commonly searched phrases on porn websites, what would you come up with? Anal, fetish, lesbian, teen...theses are all some of the most common dirty searches, but there is one significant one missing. But we’ll forgive you if you can’t come up with it—you may have never even heard of it! What ...

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