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Dating & Relationships

The Fine Art of Asking For Anal Sex
There are many significant questions we ask our partners and lovers. Some are fairly benign, such as “How was your day?” Others have the potential to start the next world war, such as “What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?” Regardless how challenging these ideas, and other relationship queries might be, there is one question that w...
Q&A: How Can I Ask My Girlfriend To Play With My Ass?
Q: I have a secret desire that I’ve never been comfortable telling anybody about, mostly because I’m a man. I’ve never been comfortable enough to tell any of my past girlfriends. But I think I can tell my current girlfriend. She seems pretty open to sex and has been totally into everything we’ve tried. She even loves getting her ass touched...


A Deep Look Into Sexual Fantasies
They say that our fingerprints are the most unique identifiers of each, individual person on the planet. Those little swirls are all our own and can trace us back to everything we touch. While fingerprints are a physical marker of our unique persons, there is something else that will give us away as our own selves every single time: our sexual pers...


Q & A: Finding A Threesome At Pride?
Q: My wife and I love to celebrate Pride with all of our LGBT friends. We’ve known a bunch of them forever and have really incorporated Pride parties into our year. The parties are amazing! So much dancing and fun. Last year, she and I were both a pretty drunk and Mary asked if I’d ever like to sleep with a man. I didn’t know how to react in ...


You're Never Alone At Pride
It can be really hard to feel alone in a big crowd. From June through the end of August, communities all around the world will be celebrating LGBTQ Pride. Some events can be huge, with hundreds of thousands of queer folks having a great time and remembering the struggle that has elevated them in society. Other, smaller communities will have even...
Q&A: When Can We Have Sex After Pregnancy?
Q: My partner and I had twin baby boys 4 months ago. As you can probably imagine, giving birth to two babies was very hard on my body. Having to then be ready to be a mom shortly after the fellas were out made things particularly challenging for me. To be blunt, there was ripping and tearing and my body took a line time to recover. Being run off my...


Women And Casual Sex
Let’s talk about one big problem we are still struggling with as an evolving sexual society. Well, two problems, but they are related. The overarching problem is casual sex. Through world history there have been various periods, across cultures, where casual sex was understood and accepted. Celebrated even. Let’s not kid ourselves into think...


Dating Coach Or Sex Worker?
Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the precise moment when everything went all downhill for men in terms of positive sexual expression? Was there a specific incident? Did somebody, somewhere along the way completely fuck everything up for generations? Could it go back to generation #1? Where is men's sexuality going? Or has men’s sex...


Unique Valentine's Plans For Lasting Memories
The world is awash in red and hearts! Naked children are running around with bows and arrows, looking both lovely and menacing, depending on your perspective. Love is in the air, as they say warming the cockles of those in the northern hemisphere and adding an extra sheen of nervous sweat to those in the southern. Valentine’s Day is coming... ...
Stripping Away Bad Relationships
We’ve all been there. The Break-up. Relationships are hard and letting go of that person, by your or their choice can be excruciating. Particularly if there are hard feelings. Break-ups can leave us devastated and and hurt. We prepare all of our lives, while growing up, for the magnificent day when we find the person we love. The fairy tale is...

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