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Articles Tagged With Communication

The Fine Art of Asking For Anal Sex
There are many significant questions we ask our partners and lovers. Some are fairly benign, such as “How was your day?” Others have the potential to start the next world war, such as “What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?” Regardless how challenging these ideas, and other relationship queries might be, there is one question that w...
What Makes Certain Words Sexier Than Others?
Have you ever stopped to think about the sexiness of words? It is often said that the brain is the sexiest part of the body, and I am not about to disagree. It is in our thoughts that the most delicious sexual thoughts emerge. We spend a lot more time having sex in our brains than we do with our bodies, and in all of that time certain words and phr...


Hot Tips For Improving Your Orgasm Potential
I have to start this post off with a disclaimer: yes, an orgasm is great, but it is not the be all and end all of sex. Well, the end all part might be true, depending who you are, but it really doesn’t need to be. Hot sex is hot whether you orgasm or not. Consider it more of an icing on the cake (no pun intended, okay maybe a little). That sai...


Roll The Dice And Take A Sexy Chance With Sex Games!
Who doesn’t love games? Board gaming culture has made a significant comeback on the cultural landscape, with bigger and better releases coming out all the time. And what’s the latest hot spot where you live? More and more often, the game cafe is turning into the fun place to gather with friends for some hot game-playing fun. Okay, it isn’t...
Take Care With Safewords
You like it rough. Your partner likes it rough. You like to take it. Your partner likes to dish it out. You wear your submissive status on your sleeve and your partner’s dominance is divine in their devious smile. Sounds like a match made in BDSM heaven, right? Sound like you two are made for each other and the play and sex is going to be phen...

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