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Articles from August 2018

4 Commonly Asked Anal Sex Questions
Boy oh boy there is no hotter topic in sex right now. Anal is taking August by storm and judging from the traffic people have a lot of thoughts, questions and concerns about the backdoor shenanigans. Anal sex has become much more popular in recent years so it makes sense that folks are wondering about ass sex and are willing to give it a try. Un...
3 Anal Sex Mishaps To Avoid
Ah, the internet. It truly is a glorious thing. We are more informed than ever before, with news and data travelling rapidly across the planet as soon as something happens. We can enjoy various, unique forms of entertainment from all over the world. If our friends or loved ones happen to be in a distant land, we can see them, talk to them and exper...


Erotica: My First Anal Experience
You never get to grow unless you take chances, right? Tom has always been willing to talk about all of my desires, regardless how silly or kinky. While not all of them have worked out and we end up a tangle of laughter and lube, he’s always willing to discuss and try whatever I dream up. When I told him I had something new to try together, ...
The Fine Art of Asking For Anal Sex
There are many significant questions we ask our partners and lovers. Some are fairly benign, such as “How was your day?” Others have the potential to start the next world war, such as “What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?” Regardless how challenging these ideas, and other relationship queries might be, there is one question that w...
Q&A: How Can I Ask My Girlfriend To Play With My Ass?
Q: I have a secret desire that I’ve never been comfortable telling anybody about, mostly because I’m a man. I’ve never been comfortable enough to tell any of my past girlfriends. But I think I can tell my current girlfriend. She seems pretty open to sex and has been totally into everything we’ve tried. She even loves getting her ass touched...


The Best Positions For Anal Sex
Let’s start of #AnalAugust with a bang - literally! Anal sex has emerged as a fantastic and fulfilling sexual adventure that has gained significant popularity in recent years. Instead of the fear and trepidation folks used to feel in the past, people are now embracing anal pleasure and penetration for what it really is: another way to enjoy amazi...


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