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Articles Tagged With Pornography

3 Tips For Filming Sexy Movies On Your Phone
So, ya wanna be in pictures, do you? You wanna be star, eh? Oh yes, we can make you a star...the shiniest, sexiest star of them all! The democratization of technology has made so many sexual adventures possible. We can do things now, on a whim, that we just couldn’t do 10 to 20 years ago. Sex robots, haptic technology, distance-bridging sex to...


What Exactly Got Launched In Hawaii?
How would you react to the possibility of impending death? Some people will surely panic, running around in the streets. Others would try to plan and attempt to find some sort of escape. And some folks would just gather their loved ones, hold them close and move on to the next existence with those they care about close by. Now, depending which o...
Time To Cut Down On Porn?
Have you ever wondered if the old adage “too much of a good thing” might actually be true. Surely, there are some things where it is probably true. Overeating can be a problem. Too much drink can be a problem. Even participating in too much exercise can be a problem. Pretty much anything that is done to excess can cause issues in other parts of...
The Wide World Of Porn Will Turn You On
There are so many types of porn out there, it really is pretty amazing. There are films and clips for every single type of sexual interest on this planet. Just as it is with Rule 32 of the internet, if someone has expressed a porny desire of any sort, someone else has captured that idea on film. And this is really important. If we didn’t have ...


Experiencing VR Porn For The First Time
We are entering brand new realms of never before experienced ways to explore sex and sexual content. There is no doubt that every new technology has been leveraged, right from the beginning into different ways to capture and then send sexual content to any and everyone who was interested in viewing. From photos to film to video to internet and now ...


Porn Hub: The Quest For Space Porn
It seems you can’t go a day without some kind of sex advice article giving you the top ten ways to spice things up in your relationship. And one of those list items is usually to take your sexytimes out of the bedroom. But I can’t imagine they’re referring to intergalactic intercourse! Many of us have grown up on science fiction and fan...
How To Make Your Own Porno
Imagine watching a hot and sexy scene on screen. Two bodies, intertwined and writhing. Hands, lips and tongues everywhere. You can practically feel every moment of ecstasy. The screen fills with sights and sounds of unimaginable pleasure. If only that were you... You don’t have to just imagine it... because you were there... and now you’re r...


Q&A: Introducing My Wife To Porn
Q: "My wife is hesitant to give porn a try. She says she doesn’t like it, but she says she’d like to try watching some with me to see if there’s something that turns her on. She knows I love watching porn. The problem is, we don’t know where to start and I’m afraid to show her stuff that will turn her off. Can you please give me some advi...
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