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Articles Tagged With Lesbian

Erotica: Streets Of Pride
The parade always falls on one of the hottest days of the year. It doesn’t matter how many squirt guns are used or if you have a big rainbow parasol to hide under, standing around the Pride parade is always a hot hot hot event. And there are always so many hot hot hot people. How can I choose just one (for now)? After the last float rides past...
You're Never Alone At Pride
It can be really hard to feel alone in a big crowd. From June through the end of August, communities all around the world will be celebrating LGBTQ Pride. Some events can be huge, with hundreds of thousands of queer folks having a great time and remembering the struggle that has elevated them in society. Other, smaller communities will have even...
Q&A: Should We Bring A Man Into Our Bed?
Q: My girlfriend and I have been in a committed relationship for over 10 years. We did the whole stereotypical lesbian thing: we met, we moved in, we got cats. Over that time we’ve had a very good relationship with very few issues of concerns. And we’ve had great sex! We are open and enjoy many things about each other’s bodies. But we have be...


Erotica: Wet Ladies
Diana could not imagine any other place right now. Here, under this glorious stream of steaming water is where she needs to be. Most of the time showers are a necessity, a rushed inconvenience that she has to do before rushing out to work. But after days like this, getting home late to find the house empty, this is her therapy. Diana leans back,...


The Many Types of Sexual Orientation
There is absolutely something universal in our sexual experiences, but has been rarely discussed over the last bunch of centuries. It wasn’t always the case, but our newfound and growing comfort with discussing sexual orientation is a welcome change to many years of indoctrination that demanded there was heterosexual and... those who were damned....
Erotica: May I?
Do you ever let the music take over your body, your mind, your soul? Do you ever lose yourself completely, giving your whole being over to the beat, to the rhythm, to the energy? I spend a lot of time in clubs of all sorts, dancing as often as I can. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes with friends. Some might find it strange, but I think I like it ...


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