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Articles Tagged With Nature

Erotica: A Gentle Canoe Ride
“I thought you said this would be fun.” Less than 20 minutes into what should be a nice, relaxing canoe ride amongst fallen trees and hidden beaches, Lucy is already getting antsy. Every time I try to take the city girl into the bush she rebels and bristles. I will give her credit that she does come out, at least, but she never makes it easy...


No Ducking These Animal Facts
What the duck! There are many problems with our current sexual climate. Consent, sexual assault, predatory behaviour, coercion, toxic masculinity... the list, sadly, goes on and on and on. And somehow we think we so very evolved from our animal cousins. But have you heard about some of the mating habits of ducks? Yes, ducks, the quackers. A gene...
The Bombay Night Frog And The Froggy Style Sex Position
We’ve all heard of doggie style, right? Well, are you ready for froggy style? Probably not. While the connections between human sexual behaviour and our friends in the animal kingdom can be very strong at times, the mating style particular to the Bombay night frog isn’t one that is likely to turn too many people into horny toads. Hor...


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