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A Lesbian's Guide to Choosing Sex Toys

Sex toys are a very personal thing and your sexuality can definitely play a role in picking out your favourites. Lesbian women aren’t any more likely to be interested in cock rings any more than gay men will be all hot and ready for clitoral stimulators.

Of course, gender or sexuality should not preclude you from enjoying whatever you want. You do what feels good for you! That said, here are some tips and tricks to find sex toys and adult products that will appeal particularly to lesbian women and their specific needs and desires.

1. Think about what sensations you like most

Before you start your search for the perfect sex toy, it's important to first know your body and the kinds of things you might enjoy. This could be what parts of your body feel the best when stimulated (perhaps your clitoris or breasts), exploring any fantasies you might have (think anal play), or how you can best reach orgasm. Once you have an open discussion either with yourself or your partner, choosing the right sex toys based on your needs will be much easier.

I'm looking for: Try a:
Clitoral stimulation Clitoral Toy, Bullet Vibrator, Vibrating Egg, Massaging Wand
Internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation Classic Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator, Dildo
Both clitoral and vaginal stimulation Rabbit Vibrator, Dual Entry Vibrator
Breast and nipple stimulation Breast Toy, Nipple Clamp
Something very discreet Discreet Vibrator, Discreet Clitoral Toy, Bullet Vibrator
Anal pleasure Butt Plug, Anal Bead
A sex toy to improve sex Vibrator, Dildo, Clitoral Toy, Breast Toy
A sex toy to use together Double Ended Dildo, Strap-On, Anal Bead, Butt Plug
Something a bit kinky Blindfold, Spanking Toy, Handcuffs

2. Don't buy solely on price

We all love to save money and get a bargain, but it's important when it comes to your sexual pleasure that you don't buy your lesbian sex toys based solely on price. Rather, you should decide what you want to feel and enjoy first, and build a budget around that. A $9.99 mini vibrator is not going to do the same job as a $150 rotating rabbit vibrator, so it's important to think about what kinds of features each toy offers and how it will pleasure you. We have weekly sales and Daily Deal items that can save you a lot of money, so make sure you check those if price is an important factor in your purchasing decisions.

3. Use the sorting filter to refine your search

Once you have an idea of the types of sex toys you're interested in and the features they should offer, you can refine your search by using the filter on each category page. This gives you the ability to sort by various attributes like colour, length, width and material, making it so much easier to find sex toys perfect for you.

4. Check the sex toy details

When you've found a sex toy in your budget that turns you on, make sure to check the product details carefully.

Product Details

5. Think outside the box and try new things

Nobody wants a stale sex life, and a great way to keep the mystery and allure alive is by trying new things. With so many different types of sex toys perfect for lesbian women, thinking outside the box and trying new experiences has never been easier. You can do this by trying different sizes, different types of toys that you may not yet have tried, different functions like rotating or thrusting or using your toys in new environments like different rooms in your house or even outside.

This ensures you are always kept on your toes and even just the thought of a new sensation is enough to turn many women on.

Popular lesbian sex toys to try

We've listed some popular sex toys that are well suited to lesbian women. Of course, this is just a suggestion - do whatever works best for you!

Lesbian VibratorsVibrators come in all shapes and sizes, but some are really going to drive your special lady wild and crazy. One type in particular is finger vibes - small vibrators that you slip on the tip of your finger. You can use this to massage all over her body and then eventually make your way down to her vulva and clitoris. Her skin will buzz all over, especially those special spots!

Lesbian DildosDildos come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and textures that make it possible to feel and experience almost any kind of fantasy. Dildos can be big or small, pink or purple, wide or slim. There are so many different types! And for women who love women, it is definitely possible to find a dildo that reflects your sexuality. We understand that not all lesbian women like looking at penis shaped objects, so the vast majority of our lesbian dildos don't resemble a penis at all, rather they have smooth and elegant shapes.

Lesbian Strap-onsStrap-ons are another great addition to your lady-lovin’ tool box. When you’re ready for some rough­riding action, choose your or her favourite dildo and slip it into the rig. Harnesses come in a few different styles: some are leather straps, some are like boy shorts and they come in pretty much any colour you might imagine. It is key to find a harness that fits properly and hugs all of her curves. Cinch it nice and tight for a secure fit. You can use a traditional dildo with a flared base, or you can use one of the newer styles that goes into you for a more secure hold - and great sensations inside you as well!

Lesbian G-spot ToysG-spot Toys are another great variation on sexy penetration as they aim right for your lover’s G­-spot. While some still find the G-­spot a little elusive, there are some vibrators and toys specifically designed to reach that special place. When combined with some clitoral stimulation, G­-spot toys are a great way to unleash the possibility of helping your partner experience ejaculation.

Lesbian Clitoral ToysClitoral Toys are perfect for women who can only 'get off' with some kind of clitoral stimulation. This is more popular than you would think, with 70% of women reporting to only be able to reach orgasm with some kind of clitoral action. This category contains a selection of clitoral toys that are perfect for all lesbian women; from toys with flickering bunny ears to vibrating eggs.

Lesbian Breast ToysBreast Toys are a definite must for those women who enjoy breast and nipple stimulation. This category contains a variety of interesting breast toys from nipple clamps, tassels, stimulators and breast pumps. These toys are great for all aspects of sexual play, including foreplay, masturbation and sex. We recommend pairing your breast toys with other products like your vibrator or dildo for even more stimulation.

Lesbian Butt PlugsButt Plugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that fit nicely in your bum. Many people are confused about what a butt plug is and how it works. These are anal toys that are used to 'plug' the anus and they can be left in during sexual activity for amazing stimulation. They are often cone shaped with a tapered base making them perfect for anal insertion. You can choose a basic plug with a simple shape and design, or a more advanced plug with vibration and texture.

Lesbian Anal BeadsAnal Beads are another anal companion that can provide amazing anal pleasure. There's a variety of different shapes and sizes, some with lots of beads and some with few. These can be used like a dildo and penetrated in and out of the anus, or left in during sex for added stimulation. A great trick to try with your anal beads is to slowly pull the beads out one at a time when you're on the verge of orgasm. The sensations will be sure to tip you over the edge!

This list of lesbian friendly sex toys is definitely not an exhaustive list - get creative! You never know what you'll come across. You can see our full range of lesbian sex toys here.

How can I buy lesbian sex toys?

If you're ready to start enjoying lesbian sex toys with your partner, browse our main lesbian sex toys category here: Buy Lesbian Sex Toys.

Need more help?

Would you like a little assistance before venturing into the world of lesbian sex toys? That's alright, we're here to help! You can contact us directly and we'll reply with any questions, concerns or curiosities you may have. We're here 24/7 and ready to help you now.

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