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Beginner's Guide to Eggs & Balls

One of the great things about exploring and innovating in sexual pleasure is that you never really know what might be fantastically hot until you try it. To this end, people have been experimenting with many different shapes and sizes of objects to achieve sensation and satisfaction - some with great results, others probably not so much.

The discovery of a shape pleasing to sexual enjoyment can lead to further potential or similar shape adventures. One such discovery has wielded amazing orgasmic results for both interior and exterior sexual pleasure. Eggs and balls may be similar, but both have so much to offer!


What are eggs and balls?

When it comes to sex, the perception out there is that bigger is better. Bigger penis, bigger breasts, bigger sex toys. That may be a common idea, but it is far from the truth. Sure big toys can be an amazing experience, but small toys can also be a sheer delight. You don’t have to go huge to achieve mammoth orgasms. There are plenty of ways to have amazing climaxes and sexy good times with more discreet toys.

Some of these smaller toys that provide big thrills are eggs and balls. As you can imagine from their names, they are pretty simple in design: eggs are egg-shaped and balls are sexy spheres. However, while these sex toys might be simple in shape, they are diverse in delivering pleasure.


What types of eggs and balls are right for me?

Eggs and balls come in a number of different shapes, textures, materials and attributes and they can be used in many different ways! Both can be made of a number of sensual materials including silicone, jelly, glass and steel, with each material providing an entirely different feeling and sensation. The harder the toy, the more intense the stimulation. As both balls and eggs can be used for Kegel exercises, it is a great idea to have some soft and hard ones on hand for your “workouts.” Eggs and balls can also have different textures. Many are smooth and sleek, but to vary things up, there are also some with ripples and ridges.

One of the other great features is that you can also find vibrating eggs and balls. Many people will associate sexy vibes with clitoral stimulation, specifically, but the feeling of the hot hum of vibration internally against the vaginal walls is also amazing.

Eggs and balls are also fantastic anal sex accessories - but you have to pick the right model and use them properly. If you want to experience eggs and balls for anal stimulation, only use those that are attached by a cord or string. You’ll find that both eggs and balls provide wonderful feelings as they move around in your bum.


Which made me come first, the ball or the egg?

Another amazing feature of eggs and balls is that both can be used internally and externally. When you slip them inside you, your muscle contractions will move them around, bumping them against each other and your interior walls, both vaginal or anal. The more you squeeze, the more sensation you’ll feel. The more sensation, the closer you’ll be to a mindblowing orgasm!

When you play with eggs and balls on your skin, vulva and clitoris, you can go from a sensual bit of foreplay to an earthshaking climax! Anyone can enjoy the feeling of the balls and eggs rolling across eager and soft skin. They can also be part of a wonderful massage! But if you have a vibrating model, as you get closer and closer to your clitoris, you’ll find they are just like any other vibrator - awesome!


How can I use eggs and balls?

Not all sex toys are as great to use solo as they are with a partner. If you’re enjoying some alone time, you can do all kinds of amazing things with eggs and balls. Slip them inside you while you finger or use a vibrator on your clitoris for excellent orgasms. Remember, as you near the big O, your muscles will contract and enjoy all of the firm curves of the toys inside you.

If you’re playing with a partner, the vibrating models can provide an extra treat. For some extra hot fun, give the remote control to your partner and have them increase or decrease the vibrations as they choose. This little bit of power exchange can be very thrilling! Balls and eggs can also be a fantastic addition to both giving and receiving oral sex. Get yourself hot and bothered while you please your partner, or enjoy some dual internal and external action while they go down on you!

And, of course, vibrating eggs and balls are small enough to be held between the two of you during sexy, intimate, hot-as-can-be sex!


What types of eggs and balls are available?

Below we've listed the different types of eggs and balls available at Cherry Banana now:


Orgasm & Ben Wa Balls

Orgasm & Ben Wa Balls

Orgasm and ben wa balls are not only great for sexual pleasure, but they provide a number of health benefits too. You'll find all sorts of amazing products here.


Kegel Balls & Exercisers

Kegel Balls & Exercisers

If you're looking to strengthen, tighten and tone your vaginal muscles, kegel balls and exercisers are the perfect option. We offer an assortment of amazing items to choose from.




Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating eggs offer many great benefits in the bedroom and beyond. No matter if you're playing alone or with a partner, they're sure to bring a lot of fun to your sex life.


Wireless Eggs

Wireless Eggs

For amazing and spontaneous pleasure by yourself or with a partner, a wireless egg is sure to please. With a wireless remote to power the vibrations, the possibilities are endless.




Glass Eggs & Balls

Glass Eggs & Balls

There is something so elegant and beautiful about a glass egg or ball. Not only do they look great, they provide a number of health benefits too. Browse our exciting range now.




How can I buy eggs and balls?

If you would like to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of eggs and balls, just head on over to our category: Buy Eggs & Balls.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if eggs and balls are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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