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Guide to Glass Eggs & Balls

Sometimes great design is all about the shape of the product. Sometimes it is material and what the product is made of. Sometimes the best designs in life are created with both in mind, and these products - especially when it comes to sex - are the ones that truly excel at helping us achieve pleasure.

There are so many different, awesome designs out there in the sex toy market, but it can be all-too-easy to forget the most basic and essential. Tried and true and trusted over time, some shapes and materials have provided countless amazing orgasms - and surely will be key in many more. Glass is the material, balls and eggs are the shape and the pleasure is all yours. We're talking about glass eggs and balls here.


What are glass eggs and balls?

Most of the time, we think of sex as something that should be soft and comfortable. Think of silk and satin, malleable silicone and jelly. Heck, our preferred place to actually have sex is in bed! And apart from BDSM toys and play, our sex and sex products are generally geared toward all things squishy and downy. However, we’re also insatiably curious creatures who are always looking to try new things. We’re always expanding our interests and trying new things. Pretty much, if it is out there, we will try to pleasure ourselves with it. And with improved technology, we’re turning to classic materials that some might never suspect as being optimal for sexual pleasure.

One of those materials is glass. Now that we can mould glass into any shape and make it shatterproof, glass has become a very popular sex toy material. You might be wondering how such a hard substance could feel good! That’s the thing, it really does! Because glass is not pliable, it provides excellent resistance against your contracting muscles as you orgasm.

Some of the best toys to experience this sensation with are glass eggs and balls. Similar to ben wa and orgasm balls, these fantastic toys are inserted into the vagina for both pleasure and health. You can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by doing Kegel exercises while the glass eggs and balls are inside you or you can put them in for wonderful orgasmic experiences!


What size glass eggs and balls are right for me?

Glass eggs and balls can come in a variety of sizes, but because they are heavier than ben wa and orgasm balls, you will probably want to start out with a set that is small. The big difference between models is actually the shape. The egg-shaped versions are much bigger than the ball types, that length creating entirely different sensations and stimulation. As they move together inside you, the egg-shapes are going to come into more frequent contact with each other and your sensitive walls.


Will glass eggs and balls break inside me?

We’re always taught to handle glass carefully, but these toys aren’t your grandmother’s fine crystal. They are made from shatterproof glass that absolutely cannot break inside you. That said, you do have to be careful with them when you’re done with them. While they won’t shatter, it is possible they will crack if dropped repeatedly. If your glass eggs or balls do crack, please don’t use them again. Time to dispose of them and get something new.


How can glass eggs and balls be used?

Simply by being firm in texture, glass eggs and balls are one of the most versatile sex toys around! They can feel great both internally and externally. To tease and get warmed up, glide and roll the eggs and balls all across your or your partner’s body. This can feel both like a massage and be highly erotic at the same time. Slowly bring them to your vulva and clitoris. By this time, you are probably turned on and at least a little wet. Dip the egg into your vagina and then slide it over your clitoris. The glass will feel amazing! And once you’re fully wet and ready, glide the balls and eggs into your vagina - and squeeze! Every contraction of your internal muscles will feel unbelievable and get you closer and closer to orgasm.

Another fantastic experiment to try with glass sex toys is temperature play. As you take them out of your vagina, you’ll notice they have absorbed your body heat. Touching them to other parts of your body, such as your clitoris, while super warm can feel amazing! And you can do the exact same thing, but in reverse, by putting them into the freezer before you play. The sensation of the cold ice balls will rock your world!


How can I buy glass eggs and balls?

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of glass eggs and balls, just head on over to our category: Buy Glass Eggs & Balls.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if glass eggs and balls are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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