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Guide to Wireless Eggs

It is not often that people get excited for sex that can be virtually hands-free. I mean, we really like to feel and touch and caress when we get into having sexytime! However, there are ways to make hands-free sex entirely liberating and totally thrilling.

The combination of one of the most popular sex toy shapes with the freedom of wireless technology brings together tremendous thrills and possibilities. Whether used inside or out, wireless egg sex toys bring amazing pleasure to the user while they - or someone else - controls the action. You’ll be flying high!


What is a wireless egg?

What came first: the chicken or the egg? Neither! You’ll be the one coming first, and again and again and again if you get your hands on a super sexy wireless egg sex toy!

Okay, all cheesiness aside, egg sex toys are one of the most amazing sexual experiences you can have on your own or with a playmate. Add in the potential of vibration and you’re going to have yourself a crackin’ good time.

Enough already! There are different kinds of wireless eggs. They are similar to orgasm and ben wa balls, but their distinctive shape creates different sensations as they float around your vagina and come into contact with your vaginal walls. And with each contact, and every time you flex your sex muscles, your orgasm will grow and grow in strength. Adding vibrations you set from a remote control will also grow the strength of your inevitable and delicious climax.


What type of wireless egg is right for me?

The key to wireless eggs is the different vibrations they offer. While some maintain one vibration setting, others offer adjustable speed settings and different vibration patterns. Wireless eggs that offer a consistent and steady vibration are perfect for beginners who are still getting used to both internal vibration and having free toys inside them. As you come to love your first wireless egg, you’ll find yourself wanting more - and that is when the more complex and advanced toys with various settings are an exciting new adventure.


Can I use a wireless egg with my partner?

One of the great aspects of wireless eggs is that you can control the toy with one hand and do many other sexy things with the other. Or, if you’re playing with a partner, why not hand the control over to them? There is a very sensual psychological appeal to giving your body over for someone else to control. Many people have fantasies of offering their body for the pleasure of another. You can lay back and enjoy whatever it is that turns you on. At the same time, you could reverse this thinking. You could lay back, give your partner the control and demand pleasure by telling your partner to make sure you orgasm. Ultimately, great partners will know how to please each other with a remote control toy. And new friends can really get to know how each other like to be pleased.


How can I use a wireless egg?

Whether you’re using a wireless egg on your own for some sexy solo fun or with someone else, trust that they are some of the most versatile and creative sex toys around. They may be simple in shape, but there are so many possibilities for fun.

One of the most amazing ways to use a wireless egg with a partner is during oral sex - both giving and receiving! If you are giving your partner some hot tongue and mouth maneuvers, be sure to slip the egg inside you and hand the remote to your partner. As you make them feel awesome, they can use the control to also surprise and turn you on. It’ll be interesting to see who orgasms first! The other version is putting the wireless egg inside you while they go down on your sexy self. As your partner licks and kisses your clitoris and vulva, you or they can take control of the passion power to bring you to new heights of sexual satisfaction!

Also, don’t forget that wireless eggs don’t just have to be used internally! They can act just like any other vibrator and will feel great on your clitoris! They are also very sensual when rolled over your entire body. You can get a massage and be turned on at the same time.

And, of course, with a wireless egg you are not confined to using it in your bedroom. You don’t even have to stay home! Slip your wireless vibe deep in your vagina and the remote control deep in your pocket. Long checkout lines will be much more tolerable if you have a wireless egg keeping you company. And that’s no “yolk!”


How can I buy wireless eggs?

If you would like to enjoy the pleasures of wireless eggs, just head on over to our category: Buy Wireless Eggs.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if wireless eggs are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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