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Guide to Vibrating Eggs

Dipping your toes into the sex toy marketplace can be a daunting but fun endeavour. If you're new to the wide variety of products available, it is completely understandable that you would be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of sexy items on offer. And if you're looking for your first vibrator then knowing what to look for is particularly challenging.

There are a variety of important questions to ask yourself. Do you want big or small? Meant for insertion or surface sensation? Something with intense vibration, variable settings, portable and discreet? All of the above and more?

So many choices! So many options!

If you're a beginner at using vibrators and considering your choices, let us make a suggestion. A vibrating egg!


What is a vibrating egg?

Vibrating eggs

A vibrating egg is a sex toy that can be used to tease, tantalise and stimulate different parts of the body for sexual pleasure. They are mostly ideal for clitoral stimulation due to their egged shape and small size. In saying that, they are also great for vaginal, anal and nipple stimulation. Heck, they would even feel good on your toes if you were that way inclined.

Vibrating eggs are an excellent introductory vibrator for those venturing into the world of sex toys. Many models come packed with a variety of features that allow you to experience the many different sensations this kind of sexual play can offer. Egg vibes come in a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours, many of which will surely appeal to you.

If you explore our ever expanding range of vibrating eggs, you will notice quite the selection. Each one offers its own unique pleasure that will stimulate you in all kinds of different ways. Some offer single speed vibration for no-fuss fun, while others offer a multitude of speed settings from pulsation, escalation and roller-coaster. Sorting through and trying all the speeds can be a very satisfying and sexually rewarding experience in itself.


How do I use a vibrating egg?

These great little sex toys are some of the most flexible you will find. They work great as clitoral stimulators and can also be inserted into the vagina. And after you've gained some experience, the really adventurous might even want to try them anally! Regardless of how you choose to play with it, an egg vibe will provide a whole host of thrills.

Vibrating eggs can be either corded or remote controlled. When a woman chooses to masturbate with an egg vibrator, its small size can allow her to place it inside her or hold it against her vulva with her thighs. If she can get it into the right spot and stimulate herself hands-­free, then she can set her desired speed into the controller and lay back for a satisfying solo session. If she's playing with a partner, it could be fun to give over the controls and enjoy a more random ride, in accordance to her lover's wishes. With remote control models it is even possible to activate them and turn them off at a whim, leaving her guessing when the next bolt of beautiful buzz will come.


What makes vibrating eggs so great?

Vibrating eggs

Vibrating eggs are great for a number of reasons. The main one is their shape. Not only are they nice and discreet and easy to take with you on the road for when your sexual urges strike, their small shape and hard surface make the vibrations stronger. The entire egg will be buzzing with orgasmic vibrations that are sure to pleasure all of your intimate spots.

Another great feature that sets vibrating eggs apart from other sex toys is that many offer not just variable speed settings, but also different rhythmic settings. If you're someone who loves one consistent buzz, great! There are lots of sex toys out there for you. But if you like to mix up your pleasure, then you definitely need to try a vibrating egg.

Different oscillations can expand the ways you or your partner experience pleasure and possibly orgasm. The same continual buzz might be a great way to build to a hot climax, but maybe you want something that isn't quite so direct. You might want to meander your way to sexual pleasure with a vibration pattern the goes on and off, strong then soft. Vibrating eggs come with a number of different patterns to suit many different desires. And remember; these can be used internally as well. Finger, tongue or even another vibrator can be brought into play to stimulate her clitoris while the egg is inside. And of course, a penis, finger or another sex toy can enter her as she is working her clit with it.


How can I buy a vibrating egg?

If you would like to browse our range of vibrating eggs and buy one for yourself or a loved one, simply follow this link: Buy a Vibrating Egg.



Need more help?

If you're still a little unsure about vibrating eggs and need a little help before making a purchase, we would be happy to help! Just Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be glad to assist you.


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