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Beginner's Guide to Sex Enhancers

Sex EnhancersIf you were to take an informal survey of people asking what their ideal superpower would be, safe money is betting on the vast majority of folks choosing something related to a better sex life. Whether that be the ability to last longer or make sex longer, increase their pleasure or their partner’s pleasure, or just to continually find new things to try, the option of making our sex better is an appealing prospect.

Fortunately, there are a number of products, for both men and women that just might add a new dimension of pleasure and ability to our sex lives. They may not give you true superpowers, but sex enhancers bring you abilities that you’ve never dreamed of in your past sexual experiences.

How can sex enhancers improve my sex life?

As you will read below, there are many different types of sexual enhancers for women and men. For some folks, this kind of sexual aid can be life changing, bring fulfilment and satisfaction both to themselves and their partners. Sex enhancers have the ability to transform not only your sexual performance and sensations, but to also help with self esteem and promote a generally good frame of mind. Feeling inadequate in the bedroom can have serious negative implications that can then extend outside the bedroom. If sex enhancers can help this type of situation, they are definitely worth a try.

What types of sex enhancers are there?

There are many different types of sex enhancers on the market that can take your sex life to new and exciting heights. We've split them into four categories to help find the perfect product for you.

Delay sprays and creamsDelay sprays and creams:

These sexy products can help to soften sensitivity without reducing any of your hot sensations. Those dealing with the effects of premature ejaculation may find delay sprays and creams particularly helpful. They will help you to last longer during sex.

Anal desensitizersAnal desensitizers:

Anal desensitizers can ease the potential discomfort that sometimes happens with anal sex. Patience and lube still rule the day when it comes to enjoying anal sex, but anal desensitizers can definitely help. Just apply the spray or cream before penetration to relax the skin and make it more elastic.

Female enhancementFemale enhancement:

There are many different female enhancers to choose from that fulfil different needs. Explore tightening sprays, vaginal arousal creams and stimulating sprays - all of which can help with incredible orgasms and increased sensation. They are available in sprays, creams, gels and tablets.

Male enhancementMale enhancement:

Available in sprays, creams, gels and tablets, male enhancement products can take a man’s sexual abilities to great new heights. Meant to enrich your love life, male enhancers provide your body with new sensations. Check out male enhancements to last longer during sex, increase your libido and experience new sensations.

Are sex enhancers safe?

Sex enhancers are made from a variety of different materials and ingredients. When you are shopping for a sex enhancer you think might be right for you, it is strongly recommended that you research the ingredients in each product to ensure it is safe for your body. As a general rule, sex enhancers are safe for our bodies, but as with anything in life, there are always exceptions and a small number of folks may encounter challenges.

I want to buy my own sex enhancers, what's next?

Congratulations on deciding to take your sex life to new heights with the help of sex enhancers. Head on over to our sex enhancers category and see if anything tickles your fancy. Buy Sex Enhancers.

Need more help?

Not quite sure which sex enhancers are right for you and need a little help choosing? Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to help you enhance your sex life.

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