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Buyer's Guide to Body Products

Body ProductsOur bodies are our own wonderful playgrounds that we are lucky enough to invite others to enjoy as well. One of the great things about the tremendous variety of human bodies out there is that we can enjoy many different sensations across many different bodies. And how people choose to present their playgrounds makes all of that variety even more delightful.

Whether that playground includes extra coverings that need taking care of, such as lingerie or natural foliage that you like to tend, or even some specific balm to keep the equipment working properly, your playground will need some help to attract people who want to play. Body products are just what you need to get your playground all set for lots of fun.

Body products explained

Body products are a number of different items to make you and your partner feel sexy. If you or your partner enjoy wearing lingerie, you know it needs to be taken care of. The delicate materials are best cleaned with a specific lingerie wash. If you enjoy the sensation of trimmed or shaved pubic hair, specially formulated shave products will ensure your sensitive areas are protected and cared for when you trim or shave. And for fellas who like their scrotum shaved, balm will ensure that delicate area is looked after. You'll also find bath and shower products to keep your skin feeling smooth and sexy.

Why you should use body products

Using body products is all about caring for your body and your sexy items. Different people have different needs in this department. Some folks are more rough and tumble and that is sexy as hell. But other folks prefer to pamper their bodies a bit. If you are into shaving or trimming, gels and creams will take care of your skin to avoid rashes and discomfort. Lingerie wash will ensure your (possibly very expensive) hot wearables look as great as they did on the first day you bought them!

Taking care of your delicates

Body ProductsIt is one thing to enjoy some rough play in the bedroom, but it's something altogether different to feel roughness on your sexytime parts. Body products aim to minimize any discomfort that you might feel in the genital region and on the skin. Lingerie washes ensure your intimate items remain soft and silky. Shave products prep and care for your skin to avoid rashes and cuts from razors. And balms for balls ensure this often forgotten but sensitive area doesn’t suffer from chafing while extra sensitive after a shave.

Shaving together

Trimming and shaving your pubic area is a very personal act and one that can be very intimate. However, it can also be entirely sexy - especially if you and your partner do it together and to each other! Take turns rubbing the shave products into each other’s skin to get started. Make sure you spread it all around! Whether you’re using a trimmer or a razor, have them handy. In a well-lit room, take turns spreading each other’s legs and picking a new pube pattern - but be careful!

How to use body products

Doing laundry will take on a whole new dimension of fun when you’re taking care of your lingerie. You’ll remember the hot times you had when you’re hand washing your intimate items. Available in both scented and scent-free, you can also use lingerie wash as a spot cleaner if you encounter specific stains.

Body ProductsShaving gels aren’t just meant for your private areas, they can be used all over the body to ensure a clean and sexy shave. However, given how great they feel and how they help your shave be as razor burn free as possible, you just might want to save them for your most intimate experiences. Simply spread the gel across your skin and gently pull the razor along. They don’t foam up, so you or your partner can easily follow a clean shaving line.

And for fellas who like their balls nice and smooth, a moisture control balm will do wonders to maintaining comfort for days after a shave. This body product can be applied right after a shave and then every day after to ensure the hair that grows is soft and the skin itself doesn’t chafe or suffer from razor rash.

Buy body products

If you would like to buy your own body products to look and feel sexy, head on over to our body products category: Buy Body Products.

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