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Buyer's Guide to Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex Toy CleanersSex toys have become an integral part of many of our sex lives. They are a great way for people to play together in new and exciting ways, and for some, sex toys become the main way they achieve orgasm. There are so many different sex toys available that we can fully live out so many different fantasies.

However, just as we were told when we were young, when you have toys you like to play with, then you’ve got to take care of them. If you don’t, they might break or not be ready for you another time. This definitely applies to sex toys. You’ve got to take care of your toys or they might become unusable. And one of the most basic things you can do is keep your toys squeaky clean with sex toy cleaners.

Why do I need to clean my sex toys?

Just like anything else that comes into contact with our bodies, our sex toys need to be cleaned and taken care of. Whether you’re using them for oral, vaginal, anal sex or penetration, sex toys can pick up bacteria and other microbes that you will neither want to share nor harbour on your toys until their next use. Different sex toy materials are better than others at not allowing these bacteria to grow. Glass, metal and silicone are the safest sex toy materials around. Toys made out of jelly and PVC are more porous and bacteria can live in miniscule holes in the surface. Regardless of the type of toy, it is recommended that you use a sex toy cleaner to make sure your favourite playthings are always ready to go when you are.

When should I clean my sex toys?

There are three distinct times when you should clean your sex toys. One of those times might be fairly obvious - when you’re done using them! Now, we’re not saying that you should be jumping right up and rushing to the sink with your sex toy cleaner in hand right after some hot and steamy sexytimes. This is more of a consideration that you should, before you drift off to sleep or otherwise forget, drag your sex-weary self away from sensual relaxation to ensure your toys are cared for properly. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you’ll forget and then the more likely it will be that bacteria set in on your toy.

It is also a good idea to clean your sex toys before using them. Well, this might depend on how often you dive into your pleasure chest. If toys have been sitting for a length of time, they might get dusty and need a rinse. Using a sex toy cleaner will ensure nothing else has been left behind.

The other time you should be sure to wash your sex toys is if you plan to use a particular toy with a different person. Sex toys should never be shared between partners. What goes in you should not go in him or her or them. This is a very easy way to transmit infections and bacteria. So, if you are completely set on using a particular vibrator or dildo that has already been used, give it a good wash before bringing the toy back into play.

How do I use a sex toy cleaner?

Sex Toy CleanersMost sex toys cleaners are pretty self-explanatory. Simply bring your sex toys to the bathroom or kitchen, squirt some sex toy cleaner on them, rub it in and then rinse. This is the pretty simple method for more straightforward toys, such as dildos. Once they are clean, place them on a clean, dry towel to air dry.

One important thing to remember when cleaning your sex toys is whether or not they are battery operated. When it comes to cleaning your battery-powered sex toys, be sure to take those batteries out before cleaning them. You will also need to ensure water does not get into the wiring as you clean the toy. This could cause corrosion and eventually damage your plaything. We can’t have that!

Special consideration should also be given to masturbators and masturbation sleeves. Because these toys are often very textured, you will need to work the sex toy cleaner into those crevices to ensure you are getting a deep and thorough clean.

How can I buy a sex toy cleaner?

If you plan on using sex toys, no matter how often, buying a sex toy cleaner is a must. Just head on over to our sex toy cleaners category and keep your toys in tip top shape. Buy Sex Toy Cleaners.

Need more help?

Still not sure how to keep your sex toys clean properly and need a little help? The pleasure is ours (and yours too, we hope). Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to help you with your sex toy cleanliness.

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