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Guide to Anal Vibrators

Some of our best adventures are to uncharted, unexplored and sometimes unconsidered territory. Think back to those times in your life when you went to a new part of a city, tasted foreign food at a new restaurant, or even just walked a new way home. You might have never thought these experiences would ever happen, but when they do, you find yourself surprised by how incredible some new things can be.

Even somewhat scary things. And for a lot of people, anal play is still a frightening thought!

Even though anal sex has become fairly common (really, it always was) people are still unsure about playing with their butts. And sure, some of that trepidation can be justified: if you don’t do it right, anal penetration has the potential to hurt. But if you do it right... oh my, you’ll see just how great back door action can be.

One of the best ways to ensure a sexy good time with anal exploration is to try an anal vibrator.


What is an anal vibrator?

Anal Vibrators

To put it simply, an anal vibrator is a sex toy designed for anal stimulation. Their shape, size and texture make them perfect for back door fun. They can slide in with comfort, hit the right spots and satisfy everyone’s sexual desires. That’s right, everyone - anal vibrators are exciting for both women and men. Here are some things to look for when choosing an anal vibe:

Shape: Anal vibrators come in a variety of interesting shapes that will tease and tantalise your anal region with surprising pleasure. Some are smooth for easy insertion, others rippled for added sensations and others curved to reach the prostate. Each shape offers its own type of pleasure.

Size: Not all anal vibes are the same size, that would be kind of boring after a while. Today on the market is an array of sizes ranging from small to downright huge. If you're new to anal vibes we recommend starting with a smaller size until you gain some experience and increase the size accordingly when you gain more confidence. If you consider yourself a bit of an anal vibe expert already, get creative with different lengths and girths and discover how each stimulates you differently.

Colour: As with any sex toy, anal vibrators come in a range of interesting colours to match your personal preference. After all, your new vibe is going to be your friend for quite a while we imagine, so choosing a colour that will turn you on the most is an important task. Do you prefer blue, green, purple or pink?

Vibration: The vibration that each anal vibrator offers ranges from product to product. Some come with single-speed vibrations for quick and easy fun, while others offer a multitude of different settings and functions for new and exciting pleasures. Sort through all of the different speeds and discover how each turns you on.

Power method: Most types of vibrators offer 3 power methods and anal vibes are no different: battery-powered, rechargeable and mains-powered. Battery powered is by far the most common and affordable, and many take AA, AAA or C sized batteries which power the vibe nicely. Rechargeable anal vibes have their advantages as you don't need to keep replacing batteries. Mains powered vibes offer a constant flow of power as they plug into a USB or wall socket. It all comes down to personal preference and how you prefer your vibe to charge.


Are anal vibrators safe to use?

Yes, anal vibrators are safe to use. In saying that, it's important that you follow a few basic guidelines to ensure your anal play is not only enjoyable, but completely safe as well.

Anal Lubes

Before venturing into any kind of anal play, especially with an anal vibrator, it's important that you use an anal lube. Anal lubes add lubrication to your bum and ensure safe and easy insertion. The anus doesn't lubricate naturally like the vagina does, so you need to take matters into your own hands. Thankfully there are lots of great anal lubes on the market and we sell quite a few of them.

Another important consideration is size. We touched on this subject briefly above but we can't stress this enough. If you're new to anal, try a small anal vibrator first and get used to the sensations it provides. Work it in and out and tease your bum cheeks. Once you've had practice and want to get something a little bigger, you can find a new anal vibe with a bigger length or girth. Only do what feels comfortable for you.

To ensure your anal play is a success and you'll come back for more, it's important to take things slow. It's not a race! Listen to your body and take your time. Start first by teasing the surrounding area and getting your body ready for what's to come next. Tease and tantalise the skin, getting closer and closer to your anal entrance. When you're ready to take things further, slowly slide your vibe into your ass and make sure the lube is spread generously. If you feel any kind of pain just stop, regather yourself and try again. Once you've inserted your vibe you can start to pick up the pace and find a speed that turns you on the most.


How do I use an anal vibrator?

Anal Vibrators

There isn't a right or wrong way to use your anal vibe - how you choose to pleasure your bum is entirely up to you! We've made this step by step guide on how to use your anal vibe to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. This is just one scenario - do what feels best for you.

To get past the fears of anal pain, it is important to properly warm up your or your partner’s butt before jumping right in. Never make inserting the anal vibrator step number one. That is the number one reason people try anal fun once and then never again.

1. A great way to start with using an anal vibrator is before you even get to the bedroom. Have a shower! This serves two purposes: you get your bits and pieces nice and clean and presentable and the warmth and streaming water will relax you and your partner if you’re playing together.

2. When you get towelled off, get your lube ready. As you climb onto the bed, place it under you to let it warm to your body temperature. A cold glop of lube will take that nice shower relaxation right away.

3. As you wait for the lube to warm up, pull out the anal vibrator! No, it isn’t going in the butt yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with it on the outside. An anal vibe is a great way to warm up the anus for penetration. It is essentially a delightful little massager that relaxes the skin of your butt. Turn it on and trace it all around the inner thighs, the butt cheeks and crack and then eventually down to the anus. Go slow and let yourself or your partner get used to the feeling as you move closer and closer to the pretty pucker. Circular motions are especially hot!

4. When you hit the mark, on yourself or your partner, you might find this sensational feeling is enough! A vibrator on the butthole is fantastic! To help ease into the situation, play with your or your partner’s penis or vulva. Turn them on like mad and watch them beg for more and more anal attention.

5. By now the lube should be nice and warm. Here’s the general rule about lube and sex: There is no such thing as enough. Always be generous with lube. More than generous - go crazy with it! More is always better. Pour a lot in your hand and work it around the anus, and add a whole lot to your vibe.

6. Even though getting the anal vibe inside is the goal, it is best to explore the ass with your fingers first. This will be a transitional activity and super-hot! Slowly ease into the anus, gradually spreading and opening it up.

7. When the hot ass seems ready, start slipping the anal vibrator in and your natural instincts will tell you what to do from there!

When you get to the point of sliding an anal vibe in anyone’s bum, the key is to go slow. If you’re playing with a partner, listen to their directions and if you’re using it on yourself, be aware of any discomfort or pain. If that occurs, stop and rest until you or your partner is ready again.

Once the anal vibrator reaches home, the toy’s vibration will feel phenomenal! The anal walls are very responsive to sensation and you or your partner will reach near ecstatic states in no time. Yes it really does feel that good. Make sure you sort through all the vibration settings the vibe has to offer.

If you’re a fella enjoying this pleasure, you get a bonus: prostate stimulation. The prostate is the jewel hidden in the bum that just loves vibration and touch. Seriously, if you can reach the prostate with an anal vibrator, you just might see him (or you!) orgasm without a touch of the penis. The feeling is beyond marvellous!


Okay, I want to buy an anal vibrator, what next?

Is the thought of anal pleasure turning you on? We thought it might. The good news is we have a fantastic range of anal vibrators that will stimulate your bum like never before. You can explore our full range at the following link: Buy an Anal Vibrator.



Need more help?

Still not sure if an anal vibrator is right for you? Don't fear, help is near! We would love to help you on your quest for the perfect vibe. Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be glad to assist you.


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