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Guide to Glass Anal Toys

We’re living in a lucky time when it comes to sex. It seems that so many different amazing sexual experiences are being shared and discussed and, best of all, tried! Amazingly, some great sexual thrills have been known and experienced for centuries, but have been taboo in recent times. But we can see clearly now!

Some of the best taboos are turning out to be awesome acts that everybody can enjoy. Not only acts, but accessories as well. Sex toys and specialty sex have opened up so many different opportunities for folks in the bedroom. Among the best of each are anal sex and glass sex toys - which combine to make the wildly sexy glass anal toys!


What are glass anal toys?

Sometimes pleasure can come from the most unsuspecting of places! Unless you’re into BDSM, many of us think of sex as something sensual, soft, and even comforting. People who seek out sex with this description are not usually drawn to sexual objects and adventures that lean to the harder side of fun.

Indeed, even when we think of sex toys, and what they are made of, we usually imagine body safe silicone and plastics. We think of toys that will meld with, bend with and hug the delicious curves of our body. But there are some sex toys that are not soft and not bendable. There are sex toys that do somewhat challenge the body as they reach and find delicate places that other toys just cannot stimulate.

Simply put, glass anal toys are an unexpected but amazing addition to your pleasure chest!

Glass anal toys provide pleasure you’ve never come close to experiencing with other anal toys. Because glass is so hard and firm, they are able to stimulate parts of you in a way you’ll have never experienced before. This firmness allows glass anal toys to put more intense pressure on internal surfaces and that resistance is highly pleasurable. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, glass anal toys can often resemble small pieces of artwork!


How safe are glass anal toys?

Given the delicate nature of most glass around us, it is common for people to be fearful of glass anal toys. Nobody wants to imagine a toy breaking inside us! But rest assured, glass anal toys are made from shatterproof glass and, when properly cared for, should last you a lifetime. Just be sure not to leave your toy in a spot it might fall! Even then, these toys can take a lickin’ and keep on ticklin’! Another great safety feature of glass sex toys is that they are completely non-pourous. Just properly clean your toy after use and you’ll never have to worry about it collecting bacteria!


How can glass anal toys be used?

As with all anal toys, it is imperative you use a good quality lubricant when playing with a glass anal toy. Because they are so hard, they aren’t really forgiving to tender flesh and can cause discomfort and pain when insufficient lube is used. In the same way you would with other anal play, ensure the person receiving the toy is ready and excited and their ass has been worked up to accept penetration.

There are so many different types of glass anal toys, including prostate stimulators, butt plugs, realistic dildos and more. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, so you’re sure to find one that satisfies you perfectly. While they do all offer something a little different, glass anal toys have one fantastic feature in common: they are all great to use to experiment with temperature play! Because the glass is shatterproof, these toys are perfect for stashing in the freezer or heating in the oven or a pot of boiling water. The toy will then retain that chosen temperature for sometime without damaging the toy at all. Once you find the glass anal toy to be just the right temperature, you can glide the toy over your partner’s skin or even slide it inside them for an unbelievable thrill.


What are the benefits of glass over other materials?

As previously noted, glass is a very body-safe and easy to clean sex toy material. Glass anal toys will not retain bacteria if they are properly cleaned with warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. People are also very unlikely to be allergic to glass, making them available for everyone to play with. As well, glass is compatible with all types of lube. You do not have to worry about damaging a glass anal toy by using the wrong type of lube!


How can I buy glass anal toys?

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of glass anal toys, just head on over to our category: Buy Glass Anal Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if glass anal toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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