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How Reading Erotica Together Can Improve Your Sex Life

Some people might think that E.L. James invented erotic literature with her groundbreaking and record-breaking trilogy 50 Shades of Grey. While more people have read 50 Shades than any other work of erotica, we’ve actually been writing and reading sexy books for centuries. We would guess that ever since people could begin to carve or scribble characters, there has been some element of sex infused in countless works of writing.

EroticaAnd there is a good reason for this: we love reading smutty books! It may have been that 50 Shades of Grey woke a slumbering giant, but the appetite out there for erotica is quite significant. There are countless different erotica anthologies being published today that span our spectrum of sexual experiences. You can explore and enjoy pretty much any different sexual activity you can think of in the written word from an array of supremely talented writers.

These stories are absolutely amazing for self-love fun. One-handed reading is a great way to explore your sexual desires. At the same time, reading with a partner is another supremely hot way to have some super sexytimes. Reading erotica together offers so many possibilities and ways to connect on an entirely different sexual level. Erotic books offer so many possibilities, and here are just a few.

Reading with or to your partner can increase connection

Just the simple act of reading can be a very connective activity. And if you’re reading about hot sex, there’s a good chance that connection becomes even deeper. There are two ways you and your partner can enjoy erotica together. First, you could snuggle up close and share the book. You will have to be very close and there’s a good chance your hands might not stay still. You might have to take turns holding the book though, touching or being touched might have to be negotiated beforehand. The other option is reading to each other. Maybe you take turns in the same story or take turns on different nights. However you configure it, listening to your partner read those naughty words out loud will be a highly sensual experience. And remember, the listener can get up to all kinds of fun, until the reader can’t focus on the words anymore.

It helps you to discover something new

Erotic NovelsErotica can be a great introduction to many different kinds of sex, some of which you may have never even heard of before. As you and your partner read through the stories, you can note, mentally or physically, the different things that you’ve never tried that really turn you on. This can create a great and potentially sexy discussion of new and exciting activities you’d like to try... as well as clearing up the ones neither you nor your partner are interested in ever exploring. You can explore ideas such as fetish, BDSM, new sex positions, same sex attraction, role play and much more. These talks might not lead to instant sex, but they will give you both lots to think about.

You'll want to have sex right then and right there

And then other times, sexy stories just might get you going right away! As you read more and more erotica, you’ll soon discover the types of stories that really turn you on. There will be specific tawdry tales that drive you crazy every time. So much so that the two of you might find yourselves overcome with passion. Now, you could defer this as a tease, or you could just jump right into that. You could even act out particularly hot scenes and try to act them out!

Erotica may have been relegated to the back of the shop before, but it isn’t anymore!

I'd like to read erotica with my partner, what's next?

We're excited to hear you want to start exploring the wonders of erotica with your partner. We recommend you browse our full range of erotic novels here: Buy Erotica.

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Would you like a little help choosing the right erotica to read with your partner? Please Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away!

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