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How to Have the Best Buck's Night

Round the fellas up and get ready to get your drink on! Your buddy is about to get married to someone special and enter an exciting new era in his life. But before that, you and the crew are going to celebrate your friend in a way that only true buddies can. Get ready for a great Bucks Night!

In this guide we give some quick, easy and practical advice to make your Bucks Night one to remember - or not!


Sex DollsNo doubt, everybody thinks of a Bucks Night being a wild night out on the town. And for sure, you will all want to get out there. But it is great to start at someone’s house or a private room in a restaurant. Have some food, have some pre-drinks, smoke a cigar and get to know each other. You’ll all be buddies by the end of the night! But the pre-party is also a great time to give the groom to be his “gifts”. Something you think he might “need” in a few months. You know, something like a novelty blow up doll!

Party game

Alcohol is not necessarily integral to a great Bucks Night, but there’s a good chance you’re going to get at least a little bit tipsy. Or completely sloshed. If you know this is an inevitability, have a good time of it before you go out with a drinking game! You'll find a variety of drinking games at Cherry Banana that will ensure lots of laughter - and drunkenness!

A little bit of gambling

Another fun part of a great Bucks Night is a little friendly wagering on the random distribution and subsequent strategic placement of playing cards. Yes! Gambling! You can even make the evenings endeavours a show of support to the soon-to-be newlyweds by donating all money won to their honeymoon or new home funds. Playing cards is also a great way to laugh and get to know each other and share good memories about your good friend who is getting married. And if you’re playing cards, might as well make them something to look at with sexy adult cards.

Hit the town!

Now it is time to take this party to the next level. Some fellas get pretty rowdy when they’re with their mates for a Bucks Night, but just remember to keep a little sanity and remember safety. That said, have a helluva time, whether you’re doing a bar crawl, a visit to “the ballet” (bring lots of small bills), or hitting the clubs to find some friends to join in the fun. As you travel through the night from one fun destination to another, be sure to show everyone that you’re a bunch of best mates who are celebrating your buddy getting married. Whenever somebody asks “Who is the lucky fella getting married?” you all can point your finger and here’s betting more drinks come his way! And just for laughs, throw some party straws in the drinks for an extra laugh!

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