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A Gay Man's Guide to Choosing Sex Toys

Gay Sex ToysSex toys are an entirely personal thing and your sexuality can certainly influence your choices. In the basic sense, fellas aren't likely to be interested in products offering clitoral stimulation. And women probably don't want prostate massagers.

Of course, gender or sexuality should not preclude you from enjoying whatever you want. You do you! That said, here are some tips and tricks that will help gay men find products that meet their specific needs and desires.

1. Think about what kind of things you like

Before you start searching for the perfect sex toy, you should first consider what types of sexual things interest you. Think of your whole body and the types of sensations you like the most. Do you want something to make your cock bigger? Do you want to enjoy anal stimulation? Do you want to explore the world of BDSM? Do you want something to use alone or something to use with your partner?

If you're looking for sex toys to use with your partner, it's important to talk with your partner first and discover what kind of things they might like to try. If you've been together for a while you probably already know these, but even so, an honest and upfront dialogue will help you both to choose the best products for you. Luckily, we stock hundreds of fantastic adult products and sex toys that are great for any gay man - no matter if you're single or in a relationship.

I'm a GAY MAN looking for: Try a:
Lifelike look and feel Masturbation Toy, Sex Doll, Penis Sleeve
Discreet and non-anatomical Stealth Masturbator
Last longer in bed Delay Spray
Bigger, harder erection Cock Ring, Penis Pump, Male Enhancement
Realistic sex Sex Doll, Male Masturbator
Prostate stimulation Prostate Massager
Anal pleasure Prostate Massager, Butt Plug, Anal Bead, Dildo, Vibrator
A sex toy to improve sex Cock Ring, Penis Sleeve, Butt Plug, Strap-On
A sex toy to use together Masturbation Toy, Prostate Toy, Penis Pump, Dildo, Vibrator
Something a bit kinky Blindfold, Spanking Toy, Handcuffs, Cock & Ball Device

2. Don't make price your number one concern

Sure, we all love a bargain and to save money where we can, but it's important that you don't choose your gay sex toys based solely on price. You're probably going to have some kind of budget in mind and that's going to play a role in the sex toys you choose, but you need to make sure you're buying a sex toy that is going to suit your needs first. It's better to find out what kind of sensations you want to enjoy first, then work out a budget around that. We have a large selection of products that suit both small and large budgets.

3. Refine your product search

We've made it easy for you to filter by price on the category pages, and you can also refine your results further based on all sorts of information like length, width, function, colour and material. This helps you to find gay sex toys best suited to your needs.

4. Check the product details

When you've found a sex toy in your budget that turns you on, make sure to check the product details carefully.

Product Details

5. Don't be afraid to try new things

Trying new things, both in and out of the bedroom, is a great way to experience new pleasures and enjoy life to the fullest. Great sex often comes with new experiences, so try and open your mind and don't be afraid to try new things.

When it comes to new things during sex, we certainly have you covered. Each product is slightly different from the other and offers stimulation of its own kind, no matter if you're using a vibrating butt plug or an adjustable cock ring.

Popular gay sex toys to try

We've listed some popular sex toys that are well suited to gay men. Of course, this is just a suggestion - do whatever works best for you!

Gay VibratorsVibrators are great for any gay man wanting to enjoy anal stimulation. We've made this section for gay men only - you won't find any clit tickling vibrators or rabbit vibrators here. You can find a variety of exciting shapes and sizes that guarantee amazing anal pleasure, from big to small and fat to thin.

Gay DildosDildos are a great way for guys to add the sensation of a cock if there isn't one around. You can find any size, shape, texture or colour of lover in the wide world of dildos. One key is to always choose a dildo with a flared base. But if you're going for a bit of realism, some sexy balls at the base will do just the trick! They're perfect for using on your own for some solo fun or with a partner to enhance your intimate moments.

Gay Cock RingCock Rings are not only hot and sexy to look at, but they are also great for maintaining a strong erection for fun times. Cock rings can be rubber, leather cuffs, steel and more. Just be sure to put them on after you get hard, you don't want them getting stuck! They can also help to delay ejaculation so you can last longer during sex.

Gay Butt PlugButt Plugs are a great addition to a guy's tool belt. When used in combination with other sensual activities such as blowjobs and handjobs, butt plugs increase pleasure to new heights. Coming in a number of sizes, they are a great introduction to anal penetration or a fantastic sensation if you're already good to go! Lube 'em up, slip 'em in and enjoy!

Gay Prostate ToysProstate Toys are the sexy secret weapon of any man's sexual arsenal. Anything you can do to stimulate this ultra­sensitive button can send the guy you're with through the roof! Prostate toys are specially designed and shaped to caress the gland in such a way to drive a guy wild. Ever seen a man have an orgasm without touching his penis? You can now!

Gay LubricantsLubricant is a definite must have for everyone's treasure chest, but if you're a gay man, you're likely going to focus more on the different types of lubes available. If you're interested in stroking and caressing your partner's penis, a lighter, thinner, water­-based lube might be in order. If some hot anal sex is on the menu, a thicker, heavier, silicone lube is better for the job. Gone are the days of relying on Crisco!

Gay Bondage GearBondage Gear is a broad category that includes cuffs, leashes, collars, rope, masks, restraints, floggers, crops, paddles and much more. All of these come with some specific rules and considerations and it's important to investigate what you're interested in and would like to explore.

There are lots of sex toys for gay guys to explore. Get creative! You never know what you'll come across. You can see our full range of gay sex toys here.

How can I buy gay sex toys?

If you're ready to start enjoying gay sex toys with your partner, browse our main gay sex toys category here: Buy Gay Sex Toys.

Need more help?

Want a little more help before venturing into the world of gay sex toys? That's alright, we're here to help! You can contact us directly and we'll reply with any questions, concerns or curiosities you may have. We're here 24/7 and ready to help you now.

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