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How Watching Adult DVDs Together Can Improve Your Sex Life

How long do you think it took, after the invention of a moving picture camera, before people were recorded having some sexytime on film? Our bet is that it was not too long at all. First day, possibly! We believe this because there are two factors at play here: people like to watch each other have sex and people like to have sex on camera.

As a result, porn rose to prominence in the 1970s and really took off with affordable videos people could play at home. Getting adult films into the home was a key development. This allowed couples to relax in comfort and watch adult scenes together. There is a stereotype of sleazy porn theatres that weren’t, exactly, the most inviting places. But with VHS - and now DVD availability - a bedroom or couch is much more inviting. And watching adult DVDs together is a great way to talk about sex, learn new things and much, much more.

Promote discussion

Sexy Couple Watching DVDWatching an adult DVD together is a great way to promote healthy, fun and sexy discussions about your current sex life, as well as all of your fantasies. There are so many films available that you will surely find various different topics in each viewing. Watching a DVD can be a great way to both look at and enjoy other people’s sexy bodies, while at the same time complimenting your partner. You can point out hot actions a performer does during a scene that you’d like to try. You can discuss whether or not that particular film is a good depiction of sex or if it makes you uncomfortable and why. Or you can just lay back together and enjoy the show. And all of this chat can happen while the two of you are close, maybe naked... and maybe doing more.

Discover new sex positions

For many couples, there is a holy triumvirate of sex positions: missionary, riding and doggy style. Every once in a while, something else might get thrown in. But really, there are so many sex positions that are ripe and ready to explore. And watching porn can be a great way to discover new ways to get your sexytime on. Standing positions, seated positions, different ways to use a bed, different ways to use all of the furniture! One of the quickest ways sex becomes monotonous is when you don’t vary your sex up and it becomes routine. Word of warning though: there are some positions porn performers can pull off that are a bit superhuman. Be careful out there! Practice makes perfect.

Explore kink and fetish

Back before the wide release of adult DVDs, it used to be hard to find content of alternative sexual interests. You had to become familiar with the bondage and fetish market just to find quality DVDs to learn about BDSM and fetish. Now, there are a wide selection of DVDs through which you can take a peek at different acts such as spanking, bondage, watersports, e-stim and more. And if you are aroused by and interested in trying these new tricks, having your partner with you provides the introduction of your sexy fantasy to them as well.

Follow along!

Okay, if you’re already a fan of porn, then you know this might be a tricky proposition, but if you and your partner are feeling adventurous and really love a particular scene on a DVD, try to follow along! Sometimes the hot scenes in porn are true athletic endeavours, but that doesn’t mean you two can’t try your best to keep up! It would probably be best to pick a scene you’ve already watched before trying to play along. While a brand new scene could bring an intensity of sexual surprise, some porn performers do pretty amazing gymnastics that could hurt you or your partner!

How can I buy adult DVDs to watch with my partner?

Are you ready to find some adult DVDs to buy to improve your sex life with your partner? If so, you can explore our full range of adult DVDs here: Buy Adult DVDs.

Need more help?

Not quite sure which adult DVDs to choose and need a little help choosing? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a DVD expert from the Cherry Banana team will be more than happy to help you.

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