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Beginner's Guide to Sex Essentials

Sex essentialsEverybody wants to think of themselves as a sexy superhero. That person who can sweep in and ensure the pleasure of all. That person who will go the extra mile to bring pleasure to your bits and pieces and smiles to your face. That person who can leap tall dildos in a single bound! Wait, that might be treading into some serious kink…

Well, one of the ways to become a sexy superhero is to have a great understanding of the aspects of sex that can be applied, pretty much, across the board with everyone you become intimate with. There are a lot of basics that some folks never learn or, even if you try them with one person, you don’t make the connection to try them with someone else. These are The Sex Essentials.

What are the essentials?

To continue our superhero theme, The Sex Essentials are a combination of our sexy superhero’s backstory and their utility belt. In many instances, you can’t use the backstory information without the items in your Essentials toolbelt. This information can include an understanding of lubricants - when to use them and which kind to use in different situations. It can also include the best ways to give a sexy massage, and which massage products to slick your hands up with. Or perhaps you want to last longer during sex or experience new sensations? The Essentials cover just that.

I'm a WOMAN looking for: Try a:
New sensations during sex or masturbation Female Enhancement, Cooling Lubes, Tingling Lubes, Warming Lubes
Something to keep sex toys clean and powered Sex Toy Cleaners, Sex Toy Batteries
Something for better anal play Anal Desensitizers, Anal Lubes
Something to attract a sexual partner Female Pheromone Sprays
Easier and more pleasurable penetration Female Lubes, Silicone Lubes, Water-based Lubes

I'm a MAN looking for: Try a:
Something to last longer during sex Delay Sprays & Creams
New sensations during sex or masturbation Male Enhancement, Masturbation Lubes, Tingling Lubes
Something to keep sex toys clean and powered Sex Toy Cleaners, Sex Toy Batteries
Something for better anal play Anal Desensitizers, Anal Lubes
Something to attract a sexual partner Male Pheromone Sprays

We're a COUPLE looking for: Try a:
Safe sex Condoms
More enjoyable sex Lubricants, Sex Enhancers
Something to increase libido Aphrodisiacs, Pheromone Sprays, Sex Enhancers
Something for better anal sex Anal Desensitizers, Anal Lubes
An intimate massage and exploring Massage Products, Body Paints & Toppings, Body Products
Something to keep sex toys clean and powered Sex Toy Cleaners, Sex Toy Batteries

Why do we need sex essentials?

Understanding The Sex Essentials is key to helping yourself and your partner with the subtler nuances of sex. Which batteries to use for sex toys, preferred condoms, which sex toy cleaner is best - grasping and using this knowledge will help you and your partner be more in the moment with your sexytime fun!

Of course, once you learn what to do, then you have to have the right products on hand in your sexy superhero utility belt. Batman’s used to be bright yellow. You can wear one around like that or just have these items close by, perhaps on your nightside table. It is also a great idea to have some on hand in a travel kit for when you venture from home.

What sex essentials does Cherry Banana offer?

So we can arm you with the most impressive Essentials toolbelt around, we offer a variety of amazing sex essentials that can liven up any sexy situation. We explain them in more detail below.

LubricantsLubricants: There is a fantastic array of lubricants on the market that will take your sex life to amazing new heights. You will find lubes for everyone and every situation. There are lubes for men and women, water-based, silicone-based and oil-based, lubes for masturbation and anal sex and lubes that produce specific sensations.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guides to Lubricants.

Massage ProductsMassage Products: One of the sexiest things you can do with a partner that isn’t sex is give or receive a sensual massage. We can’t guarantee that won’t turn into sex though - especially if you use massage oils, creams, scents and more. Using these products is the perfect way to get intimate with your partner. And who knows, they may even return the favour.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guides to Massage Products.

Body Paints & ToppingsBody Paints & Toppings: There is so much you can do with a naked body - including so many ways to pamper and decorate it. Imagine the fun you’ll have using body paints, especially ones that glow in the dark! And then you can treat each other with body sauces of delightful scents and flavours.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guide to Body Paints & Toppings.

Body ProductsBody Products: We all want to feel and look our best to impress our lovers - as well as ourselves! Body products, such as body foam, hair care products, body polish, vibrating soap and shimmer spray can bring out the radiant being you are and magnetize your partner. Taking care of your body is one way to ensure an exciting sex life.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guide to Body Products.

Sex EnhancersSex Enhancers: Everybody wants to get better at sex, to pleasure our partners and ourselves. If you feel you’re not achieving your maximum sexual potential, you can try our sex enhancers, including delay creams, anal desensitizers and male and female enhancement products that are sure to improve the quality of your sex. Get creative with when and how you use your products and you and your partner are sure to be satisfied.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guides to Sex Enhancers.

AphrodisiacsAphrodisiacs: Finding a substance that increases sexual arousal is right up there in the bucket list of humanity with the Holy Grail. Fortunately, aphrodisiacs have come a long way to include creams, stimulation caps and serums and the fabled Spanish Fly. You'll be in the mood for the horizontal tango in no time! Just make sure you have your partner ready.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guide to Aphrodisiacs.

Pheromone SpraysPheromone Sprays: Science is always one of our biggest allies in the search for better sex. It wasn’t too long ago in history that we didn’t realize that pheromones were significant in human attraction and arousal. Now there are pheromone-fused sprays and perfumes to help people attract other people. And guess what, we sell them.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guide to Pheromone Sprays.

CondomsCondoms: There are so many brands of condoms out there - sometimes it can be hard to choose the right ones for you. We carry a selection of the biggest and most trusted brands of condoms that ensure you'll be playing safely. We also feature brands that give back to the world by supplying condoms in developing nations and other worthy causes.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guides to Condoms.

Sex Toy CleanersSex Toy Cleaners: To achieve a feeling of safety when using sex toys, it is important to clean them before and after every use. But just wiping them off or running them under water is not sufficient. For maximum hygiene, we recommend using a sex toy cleaner to ensure they're body safe and hygienically clean.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guide to Sex Toy Cleaners.

Sex Toy BatteriesSex Toy Batteries: One of the most unfortunate situations is having your batteries in your sex toys run out before you finish your fun. You might scramble around for more, but the awesome feelings are often lost. Keep your pleasure needs in good hands by stocking up on sex toy batteries to keep your vibrating friends powered whenever you're feeling a little randy.

Learn more in our Buyer's Guide to Sex Toy Batteries.

I want to stock up on sex essentials, what now?

Would you like to arm yourself with The Essentials for an exciting and more satisfying sex life? We thought you might. Just explore our sex essentials category here: Buy Sex Essentials.

Need more help?

Figuring out which sex essentials to try can be a little overwhelming, so if you would like a little assistance before you get started we would love to help! Just Contact Customer Care and a member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch immediately. Don't be shy, ask us anything you like.

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